Graphite Packings - Best Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Braided Graphite Packing

NAV International is one of the most prominent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high quality graphite packings. Established in 2006 and based out of New Delhi, India, we have been offering an extensive range of premium graphite packings to shipbuilding, gas, automobile, oil and other industrial grade manufacturing companies across the globe.

The features of braided graphite packings from NAV International

  • Braided packing
  • Universal and unique
  • Ignition resistant
  • Manufactured from expanded and highly flexible graphite yarn
  • Top sealing capability
  • Minimizes maintenance immediately after the initial tightening

Technical Specifications :

  • Pressure :3 to 35 Mpa
  • PH : 0 to 14
  • Temperature of : 200oC to 650oC

Where to use graphite packings from NAV International?

  • If you are looking to seal high pressure steam, high temperatures, hot water or boiling fluids
  • If you are looking to seal valves, pumps, vessels under high pressure and temperature and at a low linear speed
  • If you are looking to seal hydrocarbons, hydrogen gas, ammonia, cryogenic liquids and organic solvents

Note : Cut Rings are available in all sizes.