Asbestos and Non Asbestos Packing Products Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer, exporter, or a supplier of Asbestos and Non Asbestos packings products? We, Nav International, have what you are looking for. Nav International was established in 2006, in Delhi India and we have become the number one manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Asbestos and Non Asbestos packings products. Our products are of high quality and give high performance ensuring top functional reliability. The following are some of our superior quality packing products that are highly reliable.

Asbestos packing for steam and superheated steam

This is a safe packing product for hot gasses, autoclaves, and even oven. It utilizes the latest technology, and it is made from high-quality materials to increase efficiency and are available in different temperature specification and recommendations to suit various functions.

  • asbestos-cloth
  • asbestos-cloth

Asbestos Graphite packings

This product is mostly used in sealing of pumps and valves, and it is highly made with premium lubricant and graphite. It is available in various metallic wires such as brass wire and Inconel wire. It has specifications to according to temperature to suit different functions.

From the above details of asbestos and non-asbestos packings, It is very clear that Nav International manufactures, supplies and exports the best products. Get our products, and you will never regret.

Temperature Extra Special Special Medium Commercial Sizes
Depending on Quality Up to 325 C Up to 250 C Up to 150 C Up to 80 C Packing 3 MM & Up
  • Asbestos Graphite Packings

Asbestos cloth and webbing tape

Nav International makes high-quality asbestos cloth and webbing tape. They are adequately prepared to meet diverse requirements of packing. They are available at good prices, and we manufacture them in bulks.

Temperature Webbing tape Width
wet process-500 c 0.5 mm & up-thickness up to 200 mm
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Asbestos packing for oil and solvents, acids, alkalis and chemicals

This parking product is made from superior asbestos yarn, which is improved with oil resistant synthetic compound through controlled processes making it suitable to for packing of oil, acids, alkalis, solvents and chemicals. Also, it is available in different specifications of temperature to suit various recommended services.

  • Asbestos Graphite Packings

Asbestos packing for marine and hydraulic water, and oil applicants

This product is superior in strength and durability making it the best in the packing of marine and Hydraulic water and also oil applications. It is well manufactured to satisfy the expectations of our customers.

  • asbestos-cloth
  • asbestos-products