Aramid Fiber Packings

The aramid packing is a combination of aramid yarn and specially graphite bonded PTFE yarn, reinforced with special mixture in corners and the core to give the heat dissipation and sliding property. These packings have a high level of structural strength and density. Aramid packings are a sort of braided packaging utilized in various industries.

They are popularly used in chemical and petrochemical plants, power engineering, cement, cellulose and sugar sectors, shipbuilding, oil products, acid and alkaline solutions, and food solutions. Aramid packings can also be put to use in sewage waters, gases, high pressure conditions, organic or inorganic solvents, etc. Aramid packings can withstand pressure of 2 to 20 MPa, temperatures as low as 270 degrees Celsius below zero, with a PH value of 0 to 14.

Nav International is the best manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Aramid Fiber Packings in India and overseas. Our business undertakes the production and supply of aramid packings of exceptional quality. The aramid packings fabricated by us are among the very best of their type.

Features Of Aramid Fiber Packings:

  • Resistant to high pressure applications
  • Designed to replace Asbestos Packing for pump systems
  • Made from fine quality Kevlar/ Aramid Yarns

Technical Specifications :

  • Pressure :2-20 MPa
  • PH : 0 to 14
  • Temperature of : -275oC
  • Sizes Available : 3 MM & Up

Application Areas Of Aramid Fiber Packings :

  • Tin mining
  • Paper Slurry
  • Feed water pump of power station

Note : Cut Rings are available in all sizes.